API-6A Wellhead Components

Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc. carries a wide variety of new API-6A wellhead components and replacement parts. We also have a varity of used / remanufactured hard to find wellhead components available.

Some of the types of wellhead components we carry

  • Bushings, Packoffs, and Seals (P, PE, R, RM, OO)
  • Bolting (B7, 1424 Coated, Plated)
  • Ring Gaskets (LCS, 316, Petromec)
  • Casing Hangers, Parts & Seals (CIW, C-22, National, WKM, McEvoy, Gray)
  • Tubing Hangers, Parts & Seals (CIW, TC-1A, T-16, Rector, National)
  • Tubing Hanger Wraparounds, Parts & Seals (TC-1A)
  • Tubing Stripper Rubbers (TC-1A, T-16, CIW)
  • Casing Hangers, Parts & Seals (C-22, CIW, Gray, Mcevoy, WKM)
  • Hanger Flanges, Parts & Seals (WHI, Gray, KTH, QD)

We have parts for many brands of wellhead including the following.

  • Rector
  • WKM
  • McEvoy
  • ERC
  • CIW
  • National
  • Lowery
  • Hercules / Huber