Bruce Rosema - President & CEO

Bruce Rosema Born and raised in Grand Haven, MI, Bruce attended college at Grand Valley State University where he obtained his. Under the guidance of his father Bruce became a skilled carpenter and cabinet maker. Seeing the need to branch out on his own, Bruce started Wintercreek Construction, a business that spanned a number of different roles including Construction, Leasing, Property Management, and Investing. Bruce’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive led to ventures in the oilfield industry where he founded Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc. Since then he has worked with a range of small and large companies across the United States and Canada in all aspects of exploration, drilling and completion. Bruce volunteers countless amounts of time and energy to local sportsman clubs, churches and wildlife organizations. He enjoys shooting sports, spending time with his grandchildren and fishing.

Eric Rosema - Engineering / IT

Eric Rosema Born and raised in Northern Michigan Eric grew up working with animals on a small country farm. Eric started a career in Information Technologies early on before he graduated from Traverse City West High School in 1998. Focusing on networking and infrastructure Eric became an enthusiastic Unix/Linux user and systems administrator. Eric developed an appreciation for design and engineering. His interests in this area led him to study drafting and construction. In 2002 Eric joined his father at Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc. Working as a field and shop hand Eric quickly gained the knowledge necessary to lead and train additional hands. His duties quickly evolved to an engineering/design and management position. Eric has worked on countless wells in the mid west basin as well as across the United States. Eric has many hobbies that include hunting, fishing, scuba diving, skiing and mountain biking. Eric is a loving husband and a proud father of two children. Eric is also a FTC robotics coach and loves to work with local children teaching the importance and value of STEM. He enjoys volunteering his time assisting local schools with technology and infrastructure support.

Kyle Fitzpatrick - Eastern District Director

Kyle Fitzpatrick Kyle Fitzpatrick joined the Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc. Team in 20?? as a field service hand out of our Michigan facility. Kyle's educational background in Business Management along with his ability to learn quickly made him a obvious choice for our Management team. Kyle has held the positions of Field Service, Pennsylvania Branch Manager & Ohio Branch Manger.

Mark Bonessi - Vice President of Operations

Mark Bonessi Mark Bonessi joined Great lakes Wellhead, Inc. in 2013 as Vice President of Operations. Following from his graduation from Allegheny College in Meadville, PA, Mark has held a operations and leadership positions in a variety of industries, including; Rubber/Tire Production, Aluminum Fabrication, Broadband Switch Equipment, and most recently, Consumer Packaged Goods. At Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc. Mark leads Inside Sales, Procurement, Inventory management, Human Resources and Payroll.

Bruce Lautner - Senior Service Manager

Bruce Lautner Starting his oilfield career in 1985, Bruce is what you would call a true oilfield veteran. Over the course of his career Bruce has worked all over the United States for companies like Westwind Oilfield Services and Equipment Renewal Corporation. With vast experience, practical knowledge and hands on skills Bruce has successfully carved a niche for himself in the mid west oilfield that is unprecedented. Having worked with nearly every brand and model of valve and actuator, Bruce is considered an expert in valve and wellhead maintenance and repair. Over the course of his oilfield career Bruce has worked on nearly every well in Michigan, and can, to this day tell you all about them. Bruce is a proud family man with a wonderful wife, three amazing daughters, and a grandchild. Bruce enjoys supporting local 4-H groups and wildlife organizations with countless hours of volunteer time as well as hunting all over the US and Canada.

Melissa Fitzpatrick - Financial Accountant

Melissa Fitzpatrick

Richard Hernandez - Ohio Branch Manager

Richard Hernandez Richard Hernandez joined the Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc. management team in July 2016. Richard has over 30 years of oilfield experience. His experience includes running service for companies such as McEvoy and Cameron to Project Planner and Sr. Training Instructor Positions for companies such as BP & Anadarko. Richard's extensive and wide range of experience makes him a perfect fit for the Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc. Management Team. As a native Texas oilman we are excited to bring Richard Hernandez to the Northeast region.

Larry Sinkler Jr. - Ohio Shop Foreman

Larry Sinkler Jr. Larry Sinkler

Dan Patrick - Ohio Field Service Manager

Dan Patrick Dan Patrick

Lucas De Los Rios - Pennsylvania Branch Manager

Lucas De Los Rios Lucas De Los Rios