Optical Gas Imaging Services

Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc. now offers Optical Gas Imaging Services. Utilizing the FLIR GF-320 Infrared Camera for the oil and gas industry, gas emissions can now be visualized in real time. Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc. provides preventative maintenance solutions that help spot leaks in tanks, pipelines and facilities that will improve safety and profitability and minimize emissions with less risk of business interruption due to actions from regulatory agencies. Capable of rapidly scanning large areas and miles of piping, this highly specialized infrared camera or thermal imager finds gas leaks fast.

Many branches of the Department of Environmental Protection have implemented regulations requiring all new compressor stations and dehydration units to perform quarterly testing for fugitive emissions. The FLIR GF-320 camera complies with all current regulations for optical gas imaging and testing.

The video below shows an actual FLIR test.

Please contact us to learn how Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc.'s leak detection services can prevent fugitive emissions that lead to lost product, lost revenues, fines, and safety hazards.