Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc. offers state of the art hydrostatic pressure testing equipment for utilization in all pressure testing applications, such as oil and gas drilling, completion, frac, flowback and pipeline operations. Our experienced crews and specialized equipment are available 24/7/365 whenever and wherever you need them. One of our fundamental goals is to help you reduce downtime and keep your operation running safely and smoothly. Our pumps come with a Murphy switch, which allows the operator to set the pump to shut down at a designated psi. We also burst discs on our fluid ends that are routenly inspected and replaced once per year to maintain optimum quality of operation. Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc. aresanal of pumps range from 2,500 - 12,500 PSI and 2.5 - 31.5 GPM. Great Lakes Wellhead, Inc also has BOP test plugs and 5K -15K chart recorders readily available.

Pressure Testing